Photo taken with my cellphone. Nearing the end of the day at our office. Somewhat quiet with some journalists away on holidays.

Welcome to your job

Starting at my internship at the Telegram on my first day, I had no idea what to expect. Here I am, in a new province, a new environment, around new people.

Would the office be serious or strict? How much work would I get? Will I be successful? Will the people in the office even like me? Will I like them? Will I like this job?

It’s safe to say I was stressed.

“Are you having fun, Erich?” asked my editor, Steve Bartlett.

Normally, I’d say yes to this question out of some sense I have in thinking it’d be rude to say otherwise. But it wasn’t so easy to say that and that’s a good thing.

The office was great. Get your work done and have fun doing it. The office was full of laughs. Bartlett always joked around and people were friendly and helpful.

I started feeling myself falling into the role of a proper journalist and seeing my name in the paper was plenty exciting. It has all been thanks to the people in the office.

The only stress any of these journalists appeared to deal with involved getting their stories in on time and being able to contact a source. Though I’m certain a few of them still had a mickey or flask hiding in their desk for emergencies.

This has been my first taste of a real job. A job you work as an adult. This isn’t the corner store or a call center. The thing is, the only jobs I worked back in Ottawa were the student jobs so to say I see a difference would be wrong. I have nothing but those student jobs to measure by.

“Open heart surgery, that’s stressful,” said Bartlett. “We just write about the stressful situations, there shouldn’t be stress her. Have fun.”

If the people and the job here is anything like what’ll I’ll be working with in Ottawa or elsewhere, I’m more than happy. And if not, I guess that’s just another reason why Newfoundland is awesome.


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