Woman amazed at rescue response

The shock of cold water on her head and an awareness that the water was rising around her made for a terrifying experience for Lezlee Coombs, who was stuck in her overturned car Sunday evening in a ditch on Robert E. Howlett Memorial Drive.

Terror quickly led to a feeling of helplessness for the Mount Pearl woman. But the sound of her car window being shattered by passersby trying to help quickly allayed her fear.

She says kindhearted saviours helped her escape from the car, which was totalled. She’s thrilled that so many people stopped to help.

“I barely realized I was in the water before people were running down the embankment, asking if anybody was in the car,” she told The Telegram Tuesday. “I’m grateful to the people who so quickly jumped into icy cold water and opened their arms, hearts and warm cars to help someone they didn’t even know.

“It’s remarkable and really restores my faith in humanity.”

Nalicia Williams, one of the people who responded, said all the possible outcomes filled her mind as she rushed towards the car.

“You’re expecting the worst and expecting the best with an accident like that,” she said.

Coombs can’t explain why her car ended up in the water-filled ditch.

She was checked and released from the Health Sciences Centre shortly after being rescued with a clean bill of health, but she doesn’t understand what happened.

“I think I might have fallen asleep,” she said.

“I slept great the two nights before and was well rested (the day of the crash). It doesn’t make sense. I’m seeing my doctor today to see what’s going on.”


Special to Telegram



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