The man behind the camera

You don’t really need to know anything about Erich. But if you’re curious about him you should know, he’s a really cool guy.

Erich graduated from the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College after his final semester during the Winter of 2015. Clearly that hasn’t happened yet but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

He graduated in an Honours journalism program that was a joint program between the two schools so he was extra special and extra broke after his graduation. But that’s nothing his parents’ basement and a job at McDonald’s can’t fix (kidding). That hasn’t happened yet either, this time let’s keep our fingers crossed he gets a real job.

Erich is a stellar journalist who’ll do what is necessary to get the story and won’t stress over the small stuff. His main journalistic interests are writing articles, photography, newspaper layout and the broadcasting aspect of journalism. That’s radio, not television journalism. He has the face of an angel but TV just isn’t for him.

When it comes to writing stories, events with free stuff is always great but there’s a special spot in Erich’s heart for sports and entertainment stories.

Erich has gathered experience that can help with his future career in journalism, with jobs throughout high school, college and university. The most useful position he’s held thus far comes from his internship at the Telegram in St. John’s, N.L. And yes, the Sheila’s Brush was difficult to deal with.